Player-accurate physics on an NPC Dummy?

As the title says, I’m looking for a way to achieve making an NPC humanoid have physics similar to a player. The reason why is the combat in my game has a pretty big connection to physics. Example: An Uptilt will send a player ragdolled into the air for a moment in front of you, before falling down to the ground again. The brief window while they’re in the air, they are vulnerable to certain attacks which are used to combo end/extend. The dummy’s physics seem to laggy and less predictable like players and makes it difficult to practice accurately.

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Anyone please I still need help with this

The dummy’s physics seem to laggy and less predictable

Try setting the network ownership of each bodypart to the player it is currently fighting, unless multiple players are supposed to interact with it at the same time. That’s all I can suggest at the moment, as the other issues you’ve listed seem fixable through improved coding practices (i.e. multithreading pathfinding functions) and physics tweaks