"Player appears to be spamming remote events" but no remote event involved

So basically, This happens in the actual game but never in roblox studio playtest somehow.
I have no idea how to fix this as I dont even use that many remote events in the first place, is this actually caused by a remote event?

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the trigger to this most of the time is being combat tagged it seems, but the more interesting part is that im not firing any remote events from that.
how do i debug this?
another thing is that its not only being combat tagged that causes this, if i simply join the game and go afk it will happen anyways.

I can not solve the issue unless you have provided me with the suffecient information that being the script. Also you can debug by adding print statements. Try adding them where ever you fire the events and also recieve.

I just fixed it as you replied. it was infact not caused by firing remote events.
it was caused by this script right here.

Edit: ^^ it was this client script above!

Oh… well thats good that you solved this yourself!

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