Player camera manipulation

By any chance is there a way to flip a player’s camera, upside down for instance or just generally rotate it and distort it?

Try reading this: Customizing the Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation

It is a tutorial on how to manipulate teh camera

already read the documentation for the camera but it only marginally helped, changing the fov was just about the only useful distortion technique i could find from it that i actually wanted, im looking moreso for being able to flip the camera and etc

Well, the only real camera manipulation you can do is changing FOV and its orientation (by setting its CFrame). You can achieve other effects by playing around with various things in game.Lighting, such as ColorCorrection, DepthOfField etc

welp thats unfortunate but thanks anyway

Those effects can accomplish a fair bit, play around with them and I’m sure you’ll find something of use.