Player Character Arms to Camera Rotation

I am trying to create a ‘FPS Mode’ in my game; essentially, when you zoom into your character’s head with your camera you can look up and down and your arms will follow


  • I want to manipulate the C0 of the character’s real arms to the camera rotation
  • I want it to be smooth (using a spring module, etc)

*I am doing this in R6

Here’s what I have at the moment:

Any help towards me achieving this feature in my game would be extremely helpful to me.
Thank you

i mean players have network ownership of their characters, so i think localscript works
have you tried alignOrientation? i posted about rotating object to camera rotation yesterday

you may have to break the welds when the mode is active tho. i havent really coded with welds so it could go either way

I meant using C0 to accomplish this. Many games like KAT, Melee Madness or Combat Warriors have this feature and I would like to do it similarly to how the creators of those games did it.

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(Bumping post so more people can see it)