Player Character change without killing the player

hey guys just wanted to ask.
Is there a way to change a player’s character without killing the player?
as far as i searched in youtube, u can put your character that u want and name it StarterCharacter under Starter player scripts.
is there a better method?

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What do you want to change in the player the shirt?

make the joints unbrake able. :+1: @PhAnToMjose4605 hopes this helps.

no i want to change the character itself.
something like changing my character to asimo’s character or kreek’s character.
so everything including the torso legs arms and everything change

uhhhhh. i think u didnt get my question.
i want a method to change the player’s character.

Create a rig rename it to startercharacter put whatever shirts and pants you want on it and put it in starter character

Well you can change the pant and the shirt

You can set the player.Character value to the new character that you want (on normal script). And then you have to change the camera’s CameraSubject to the new character’s humanoid.

In a LocalScript run this when you want to change characters:

workspace.CurrentCamera.CameraSubject = newCharacter.Humanoid

Hope this helps!


yeah but if I put it in starter character i won’t be able to change the character until the player resets or dies.
so am looking for a method that does not require killing or resetting the player

is what you want to do add an accsesory to a player

so when i do this i wont have to reset the player?

no i want to change the player itself.

It won’t technically “reset” the player, it will just change it’s character and then you can remove the old character.

oooh. thanks.
yeah that works.
that’s exactly that i wanted

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