Player Character Continues Walking When Typing in a TextBox

Hello everyone,

I found a bug that may be seen as minor but is very annoying in the long run. It hampers with gameplay and, based on what my reaction was when I came across it, would leave a bad UX behind.

Bug :bug:

When my character is walking (using W, A, S, and D) and I click on a Textbox, the game ignores that and my character still keeps walking in the same direction (i.e. when I press S, the character doesn’t go backward). Even when I release my hands from my keyboard, the character continues walking. So far, I have only seen this bug on desktop/PC (see my system specs in “Bug Location” below), so I don’t know about this on tablets, phones, or console.

I would normally expect for my character to stop as soon as I click on a Textbox. It shouldn’t keep walking without my control.


I apologize that it’s a little laggy and a little jumpy, but I tried my best.

Things Noted :memo:

  • I can still type anything I want in the Textbox.
  • Pressing W, A, S, or D doesn’t change the direction of the character; it just keeps walking in the same direction as when the Textbox first came in focus.
  • Happens with all Textboxes, regardless of their properties.

Recreating the Bug :building_construction:

  1. Starting walking in any direction.
  2. Click on any Textbox.
  3. Release your hands from your keyboard and notice the character still walks.

Bug Location :world_map:

I first noticed this bug on a game server but also happens on Roblox Studio.

As I said before, my platform is a Windows 10 PC.

Device Info
  • User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.88 Safari/537.36
  • Platform Type: PC
  • Device Type: Computer

Other Notes

  • This is not level-specific or game-specific; this bug happens everywhere on Roblox.
  • I started noticing this bug quite a long time ago (many months ago).

That’s the bug. As I said, many would say it’s minor. But when you’re trying to communicate in a fast-paced, action-packed, and intense game, it’s quite annoying that the character just keeps walking without the user’s control.

Hopefully, this bug is fixed soon.

Thank you for reading,
and Happy New Year :fireworks:!

EDIT: I heard that this is not a bug after all (big gasp for me)! It’s actually a feature that many requested to be added back in after it was removed (check the replies below). So, I’m keeping this topic, but consider it as a feature request for a togglable setting allowing players to choose if their characters should continue walking while chatting.

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This is a longstanding bug with the default character, so I’m not sure how likely it is to get fixed.

(that being said, the work being done in the Avatar Evolution builds might fix this as a side effect. we’ll see)

edit: actually turns out it was fixed at some point in the past! However, not everyone liked the change as many people relied on it for ‘autowalking’ so they could chat while still moving. This could be a controversial change to make.


Actually I don’t think it is a bug, this “bug” exists long time ago.
I think it is for those people who want to keep walking and chatting at the same time, sometimes I use this trick to keep playing and keep chatting


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

Please don’t fix this. Perhaps a togglable setting for it could be added, but leave the chat where it’s at for chatting-while-walking purposes.


I mean, it’s handy sometimes, but it’s just that you can’t control where your character is going. I viewed @Elttob’s link and some people actually requested this back (which was surprising because I view this as something annoying). The only disliking thing about this your character keeps walking in a straight line.

This walking-while-chatting “trick” is ideal when you’re in large maps without too many walls to crash into, but in smaller maps, this would actually be really annoying if you’re chatting.

There is a way to satisfy everyone’s preferences: the user preferences! I like what @Veldaren sugged: adding a setting where users can toggle this on or off. Honestly, there are also many other things that Roblox needs to add to their game settings so players have more control over how their gameplay is.


You can if you right-click and orbit your camera to change what direction your “forward” is (that’s assuming you were walking forward with the W key, and not sideways or backwards lol), which in turn allows you to control where your character is going, without “deactivating” the textbox.

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