Player character leaks memory when reset (Instances Memory)

When resetting in a completely empty baseplate (the place contains no scripts at all), the memory ‘Instances’ rises while never coming back down.

Why is this? Is the previous character not being garbage collected internally? My game has 100+ players in a server who are constantly resetting therefore this builds up significantly over time to the point where servers crash after about 4 hours.

Is there anyway to fix this, or is this entirely a Roblox issue?


How many CharacterAdded events do you have/scripts inside the StarterCharacterScripts folder?

0, that test place is a completely empty baseplate with no scripts at all in it:

Bumping as this is still an issue, has anyone else experienced this? Might require a bug report.

Bumping the post because Quenty just made a bug report on this as it is still occurring.