Player Count of 0 or Very Low

It appears as if player counts have plummeted, at least visually on the site. Every game seems completely empty or has a very low player count.

Repro: Visit the home page.
Time: 3:39 CST 2/8/2021


Happening for me too. Adopt Me currently at 292, Bloxburg at 82. Seemingly locked there too.

I’ve discovered that I am personally able to join games and upon doing so servers are populated. No clue what is going on here.


This is also happening to me but players are in the game if you join



I have been noticing the same thing but I am able to join games


Same for me too, I knew something was up when adopt my had 200 players.


I just checked and I am actually able to join games.


Thank god someone posted this, I was just about to play phantom forces and saw 0 players. Maybe thought they shut down but it turns out ALL games are showing this. According to this, everyone must be experiencing this because reports have skyrocketed.


You can still join games it just the server page and players playing is broken at least of what I’m seeing

I am too but concurrent player counts for literally every game have plummeted.

To add to this, profiles are all set as “online” although they are playing a game.

EDIT: As of 4:45 profile status’ have returned to normal although many games player counts are still zero

For me now it seems some players in game are increasing but some aren’t

I’m seeing people shown in games appropriately.

For me it shows some people are playing games

Seems to be fixed now, at least for me


Some games have regained there player count but some haven’t though…

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Nevermind, I think its all fixed must of been a bug that snuck through.

I believe it has been fixed for everyone, I wasnt able to reproduce this bug

Hey developers - thanks for your reports! A change that caused the drop has been reverted and issue should be fixed now :slight_smile:

If this happens again please create a new topic for us to look into!


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