Player Drifting

Say a player is walking and they do a turn
they don’t go sliding like on ice the way they were walking previously
but if they are running a little drift would make some sense

I want to implement that
It has to work on both parts and terrain

I am really lost if anyone has any ideas at all let me know!

You would need some sort of body mover (the older ones are deprecated and I think the new ones are called Constraint Movers

You would have something that even when a player’s move vector changes, it still applies a force for a half second in the original move vector direction, I would think.

Maybe that is enough to help you find some more information.

you could use a custom character controller, this would let you add a lerp function to movement inputs to cause movement to feel floaty/heavy (character would take a sec to speed up or turn)

I believe there is some way to get that “ice” physical property using custom physical properties. Try that at different levels, or research/adjust how it works using your custom scripts or just changing/toggling those properties.