Player facing mouse stuttering

Hello, I’m optimizing my weapons system, I put the function for the player to look where the camera is pointing, the problem comes when the player points and moves, when the player does this his character does a kind of stuttering, but when does the same without moving the player rotates perfectly

my code here:

local x, y, z = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame:ToOrientation()
		local facing = * CFrame.Angles(0, y - .3, 0)
		self.FaceCFrame = facing
		self.FaceCFrame *=,0,-15)

		self.Rootpart.CFrame = self.Rootpart.CFrame:lerp(,, self.Rootpart.Position.Y,, GeneralSet.LerpValue.Value)
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Make sure you go to the players Humanoid and disable AutoRotate, this could be the potential problem.


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