Player Funneling / Roblox Server Bug

So my game, Tower Defenders, uses a player funneling method I made. It works really well, does what it’s designed to perfectly- mostly.

Sometimes new servers are started without the main one(s) being full. So the script checks all alive lobby servers, compares player counts, and then teleports them to high pop servers if it meets parameters I set.

What it should look like

The issue is that this new server FREQUENTLY stays alive for a very long time despite every player being kicked from it as soon as they join. This is creating infinite load times, and I have to manually shut it down sometimes otherwise it doesn’t close. Even though every player is kicked immediately if they join that server.

What it frequently looks like, often the new servers get tagged with “slow server” as they attempt to shut down

For whatever reason Roblox’s player funneling option is non-optimal. It sends players to the tiny server that shouldn’t be there instead of the big server that isn’t even full yet. Which is the whole reason I made the funneling script.

Edit Note: The game does not use any BindToClose in these sessions that will be shutdown. These servers should be shutting down.

If you go to Configure Start Place, then Access, do you have Fill Each Server As Full As Possible selected?

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That is what I meant in this paragraph. Yes I do.

My only suggestion is to have a script that is activated that crashes the server when it had been emptied. This should cause Roblox to mark the server as a “Slow Game” and avoid putting users into it.

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Well that’s what is already done here. Since Roblox offers no concrete way to manually shutdown a server. (That I’m aware of). I have to pseudo-lock the server by kicking anyone who joins ASAP.