Player hosted servers VS Hostless servers

In some shooters out there, when you click play, you are met with a menu where you can either choose to host your own server, or join a server from a list of servers hosted by others (eg: Traitor Town)

While in the other games, you are met with a menu where you can click Play and jump straight into the action (eg: Bad Business)

I am asking what are the pros and cons of each, and what you would suggest for me to use for a round-based FPS where 5 people are randomly chosen and given special roles.

Pros of hosted server

  • You can host one and play with specific friends you want
  • Target specific servers based on name, R2DA is a good example of this with servers dedicated to farming XP and gold, it is up to you if you want players to be able to group up and do stuff like this.

Pros of hostless server

  • Fills more servers
  • Encourages gameplay with more random people

I can’t find cons for hosted server so I went for pros only for both.

You should also think of matchmaking since something like your game idea neatly fits into matchmaking since you considered between a hosted and hostless servers option.


I haven’t decided which one to implement in the game yet since I don’t have enough opinions