Player Intra-Place Teleporting Issue

The bug I am reporting happens when you try to teleport two players one line after the next without a wait() in between. Usually one expects both players to teleport (Using :SetPrimaryPartCFrame or any other method of teleporting a player within a place)

This bug is highly repeatable and functions the same way every time I test in studio or in a server. I created a simple example to make sure I wasn’t doing something odd. This is the problem code:

local p1 = game.Players:FindFirstChild("Player1") or game.Players.PlayerAdded:Wait()

local p2 = game.Players:FindFirstChild("Player2") or game.Players.PlayerAdded:Wait()

local Character1 = p1.Character or p1.CharacterAdded:Wait()

local Character2 = p2.Character or p2.CharacterAdded:Wait()

Character1:SetPrimaryPartCFrame( workspace.A.CFrame)

Character2:SetPrimaryPartCFrame( workspace.B.CFrame)

This is currently happening here:

The first screenshot is with a wait() between the “teleport” lines:

The second screenshot is without a wait, aka the bug:
Notice how player 2 does not teleport. This is repeatable and happens every time I’ve tested.

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide to help in this bug splat request! Thanks!

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