Player is invisible on others screen

i’m having a trouble with player disappearing. Do you know why some of ppl see me and some of them dont? (I don’t have any local script that changes something in local worskapce)
Also, how would you fix that? It happens only when in my round based game I join while other player are in round and I click spectate, I can’t see anybody but my camera is attached to him just like spectate should work.

Here you can see how does it look like from other pov’s

Its probably a loading issue, not really a scripting issue

But why does this happen all the time? Can I load smth again for local player?

It could be because you are running 2 Clients at the same time (If you are at least) that your computer is using up rescources, or an issue on the said client. It can also be a studio error.

It happens in multiplayer too :frowning:

Hi, im back, you might be able to do something with ContentProvider
Something like this:

ContentP = game:GetService("ContentProvider")
for _,v in pairs(game:GetDescendants()) do

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The player probably didn’t load in on your client. A simple fix is to kick the player who didn’t load in all clients to prevent accidental interference with the game.