Player is randomly kicked upon error; nil Backpack and WaitForChild()

The title might be a little confusing so let me expand on that. Below is an image with the output:

All of this happens in an instant and kicks the player. This can happen at any time during gameplay, where for some reason, Backpack is nil and WaitForChild() is also nil (I’m doing WaitForChild on the character btw). All of this is inside a server script in ServerScriptService. Anyone know the answer?

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Hmm, it does appear the character didn’t load I’m glad that problem is solved :slight_smile:
The player was defined in the Players.Added function, and I don’t have any sort of anti-cheat system.

Here is what currently happens (player is still kicked, this is an “unequip armor” mechanism)
If someone could help that would be useful :slight_smile:

(Ignore the decals)

how did u make the blue slime animation/rig/whatever from the background.

I created a model and rigged it