Player List Disable - Not Working?

Ello! I know, this might sound like a repeat post, but I already went through a lot of other posts to find a fix, and to no avail. Hoping I can troubleshoot with some of y’all.

Essentially, I am just trying to disable the CoreGui of the PlayerList. It’s just 1 line, how hard can it be? Apparently, very hard. I have it in a LocalScript, and have tried it in ReplicatedFirst, StarterGui, and StarterPlayerScripts.

Both prints go through, no errors, yet the list stays.


I’ve tried troubleshooting with 3 other people, to no avail. Thoughts or ideas?

Even though I saw nothing wrong with your script I decided to test it out in Studio anyways and it worked fine for me.

You say it’s in a LocalScript and you’ve tried all those three places, is this the entire script? Would you potentially have anything that’s cancelling this out in another script?

For me it works, put it on StarterGui, it’ll disable the list for everyplay that joins your game.

Weird, yes that’s the entirety of the script. I’ll try going through other scripts and see if somethings cancelling it out.

You could try doing a search for it in studio or something and checking everything. Try pressing CTRL + F and input game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled and checking to see if you’re enabling everything or the PlayerList itself in another script. Other than that I can’t think of any other reason why it’d be doing that.

Aha, I didn’t know those could cancel each other out. It seemed a separate health thing was messing with it. Thank you!

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