Player list leader stats sorting is inconsistent

By default, the in-game player list sorts by the players’ usernames in alphabetical order, from A to Z.

However, when leader stats are added, leader stats that are strings are sorted in the opposite order, from Z to A. This is an inconsistency that I feel should be fixed.

What should happen/what would be the solution:
A. leader stats that are strings should be alphabetically sorted from A to Z.
B. developers could instead be given options to customize the player list by specifying what value it should sort by and what order it should sort in



We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for the report!


Hello, do you have any updates regarding this?

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Unfortunately, I don’t have any at the moment, but I will make sure to update the thread as soon as the issue will be fixed!

Thanks for the patience!


Hi, have there been any updates to this?

Are there any updates to this?

There has been no response for a while. Will this not be fixed or is there some other reason?

Since there has been no reply for almost a year now, I will assume that this will not be addressed or responded to further.

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Hasn’t been fixed or updated. Bumping.

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