Player List [Opened Sourced]

This is a custom Player List, with a leader stats. I was making this, just for fun. And, I would like to open source this, as I am working on, making a new custom Player List. I want this to be used, as educational purposes. I hope this helps you guys.

– Doesn’t contain: leaving part
– Doesn’t contain: data saving
[Was just something I made quickly, so it doesn’t contain the things above listed.]
[So please enjoy what has been given.]

Here is the place, containing the Player List: custom made (Updated).rbxl (31.3 KB)
[Fixed Size being big.]



Looks cool in my opinion. Maybe make it a little smaller?


I like the way it looks, but like the person said above me, maybe try making it smaller?


Looks good!

Also, please don’t duplicate post! Just quote or tag the people involved. For example:


I updated the place file. It is now smaller. Thank you for the concerns.


cc @MasterRoyale03, @General_Vexord

I updated the place file. It is now smaller. Thank you for the concerns.


This does more harm than good, from both a backend perspective and how it affects gameplay.

Backend issues:

  • Three separate scripts to handle different aspects of the playerlist
  • Server-sided UI manipulation
  • A for-loop containing a while-wait loop; while-wait is horrific, and, it can’t progress through the for-loop as it’s yielding.
  • Extremely repetitive code

Now as for the issues on the screen:

  • The leaderboard is static: fixed size, scroll length, etc. This is not efficient from a gameplay perspective.
  • It’s quite large, and it not able to be turned off.
  • When working on the game, the UI is there. This blocks any other UI development.

for _,Texts in pairs(CurrencyTexts) do
		while wait() do
			CurrencyTexts.Coins.Text = Leaderstats.Coins.Value
			CurrencyTexts.Gems.Text = Leaderstats.Gems.Value
			CurrencyTexts.Rebirths.Text = Leaderstats.Rebirths.Value
			CurrencyTexts.TotalMinedOres.Text = Leaderstats.TotalMinedOres.Value

This code bit is extremely unoptimized, and is too much work for what could be done. Additionally, you’re not making the board flexible for different stats, you can only have Coins, Gems, Rebirths, and TotalMinedOres. You don’t use events to handle updates to the data either.

And, why is the UI being manipulated from the server? This seems like the worst way to go about it.

Furthermore, it doesn’t even add other players.

All in all, your intentions are good, but this is a harmful resource.
It requires a rework, or it isn’t something I recommend using by any means necessary.

Thank you. I appreciate what you’re telling me. But, I am not the best reliable scripter. Yes. I understand it has issues. But people can still learn things from it. I had no attentions of having this be a harmful educational topic.

Sorry if I came across as I was saying you meant to do the issues!
Hopefully in the future this resource improves.