Player loading in before Studio loaded


I noticed when I use

game.Players.PlayedAdded:connect(function(plr) print(plr.Name) end)

That the player loads in quicker than the script?
Does someone know how to turn that off, so the player loads after Studio loaded?

If I understood correctly you’re looking for a way to run a script after the player is loaded?

I am looking for a script that is running before the player loaded :slight_smile: .

In studio I have the problem that my Player loads in to quick, idk if that has to do sth with my PC that it is to quick :frowning: .
at 75% of tries its not working , 25% its working

Could you specify what you’re trying to do before the player loads to get the idea more, that would be helpful

Do you have a yield somewhere in your script before the player added and have seen the below video in order to prevent this edge case scenario?

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No I don’t have any wait(2) or other values in script. But I will try that thing above. Thanks

This works perfectly, thanks it took me a while to figure out what exactly happends there. but I love it <3