Player looses synchronization for the positions of other players

Since few days the following issue happens on life servers in my game and I managed to reproduce it also in Studio.
Sometimes a player sees another player close to him, while in reality the other player is far away.
I am attaching a video of the problem, reproduced in Studio in Local server with 2 players.

On the video is visible that Player1 sees Player2 next to him on the launch pad. In reality however, Player2 is flying in a rocket far away from Player1. The server also sees Player2 far away from Player1.
For some reason the correct position of Player2 is not reported to Player1.

I am using Windows 11

Expected behavior

I expect the position of Player2 to be correctly reported and synchronized to Player1


Can reproduce this in Glacier as well, despite no updates.

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I found the reason for the problem.
The rocket was being anchored in a local script for Player1. Then when Player2 takes control of the rocket and flies away, it seems that Player1 still considers the rocket as anchored.
At this moment the synchronization is lost.