Player materials

Im trying to change the material of a player but the only materials that are noticeable are glass and forcefield is there a way to make it so all materials work on players?


What exactly are you using this for, perhaps a workaround could be found.

From what I can see, you can change the whole body’s material (that which isn’t covered by shirt/pants) except for a head with a mesh.

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when I change the material of the player to say for example brick the brick texture doesn’t appear on any of the limbs. I was hoping to make it so at least the non textured parts could have whatever material i chose

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Can you show me the program you are using to handle this?
Also, certain colors as well as pants and shirts hide materials. Let me know what the scenario is in which you want to change material.


R15 & head mesh on left, R6 without head mesh on right.

so I did some more experimenting and figured out that any sort of mesh seems to make the materials not work
sidenote: how did u get the dummy on the left to have the limb meshes and the brick?

edit: im using r6 and im legit just looping through baseparts and setting their materials

After a bunch of experimentation (roughly 30 mins) I figured & made a way to apply materials to the head as well. Answer to Q about R15 limbs in the unnecessary story.

The unnecessary story of how this idea came to mind.

The R15 body meshes were MeshParts and they allowed me to change material. I thought what if I could find the default head and make it into a meshpart. So I did just that and it managed to change material too, then I made a script that would make a ‘fake head’ out of the meshpart into the player’s character whenever they spawned.


Firstly, go to model > Insert Object (Advanced section) and search for “MeshPart”.

Insert it and then in the properties change the MeshID to rbxasset://fonts/head.mesh and it should autoscale it to head size.

Then finally name it “FakeHeadOG” and put it in ServerStorage.

Also, you need to put the script below in any server script, anywhere. (I just put it in serverscriptservice).

Note: I did try to use but it said “Script write access is restricted” and I wasn’t bothered dealing with it.

Now wherever you reference to the character’s head instead of using Character.Head use Character.FakeHead or you could just use the script but apply it when you want the material to change.

So just reference Character.FakeHead in your material script (delete shirt and pants if you want it more visible) and it should work.


-- Run when the player's character loads.
		if Char then
			-- A ton of variables and references which could probably be shortened.
			local FakeH = game.ServerStorage.FakeHeadOG
			local CloneH = FakeH:Clone()
			local CharHead = Char:FindFirstChild("Head")
			wait(.5) -- Wait for head colors to load. 
			local HeadColor = tostring(CharHead.BrickColor)
			local CharTorso = Char:FindFirstChild("Torso")
			local CharNeck = CharTorso:FindFirstChild("Neck")
			local CloneN = CharNeck:Clone()
			local CharFace = CharHead:FindFirstChild("face")
			local CloneF = CharFace:Clone()
			-- Deal with the fake head's properties.
			CloneH.Name = "FakeHead"
			CloneH.Parent = Char
			CloneH.CFrame = CharHead.CFrame
			CloneH.BrickColor =
			CloneH.Material = Enum.Material.SmoothPlastic
			-- Deal with face and original head.
			CharHead.Transparency = 1
			CloneF.Parent = CloneH
			-- Set motor6d which will attach fake head to body.
			CloneN.Name = "FakeNeck"
			CloneN.Parent = CharTorso
			CloneN.Part1  = CloneH		

Sorry if this was longer than necessary & I hope it fixes your problem.
If you need more help, let me know.

this works amazingly but theres 1 problem. the rest of the player doesn’t work and if i do the same strategy then clothes don’t show up

That’s weird, can you provide your script here? Also is the player’s character default?

i figured it out. clothes break it

That is what I pointed out before in the post with the script, attention and detail can be important. If my post answered your question, I’d appreciate if you mark it as such.
Have a great day & good luck.

i meant is there a workaround for having clothes and a material?

Sadly (from what I know) there isn’t, the only thing you can do if you want it really visible is to use Destroy() on the shirt and pants. Otherwise you’re gonna have to stay with only the head.