Player missing from object browser

I like the object browser because it gives me the info I need without having to go through the wiki. The problem is, it’s missing at least one important object: the Player.


I noticed this recently, it wasn’t always like that :frowning:

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It is May 2020 and the Player class is still missing from the studio Object Browser.

This is disrupting my workflow regular basis.


It is now May 2021 and the Player class is still missing from the Object Browser. I’m not sure if there is some difference between Player and every other instance class on Roblox, but every other class is there so I’m not sure why Player can’t be.



I am also still effected by this regularly. Literally this week I’ve had to use google for finding answers around Roblox Player API instead of staying within studio.

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A temporary work around until Roblox never fixes this is probably to look around ReflectionMetadata.xml. Pretty sure this controls the object browser.

That or you can use community made plugins :eyes:

I have resorted to using’s api reference instead of the object browser, a lot slower but we’re going to have to make due until the end of time they regularly update the object browser.
Edit: I don’t use it anymore because I’m not 100% sure about the discrepancies between the 2

This is a 4 year old bug, that still interrupts my workflow.

Is there an effective way to bump old bug reports to get re-evaluated? I have a feeling that an internal ticket related to this issue has gotten lost.