Player Models In Custom Folder

Hey. So I was thinking it would be a whole lot better to have all the player models within a folder in the workspace.

Kinda like how players are stored in the Players folder, but this time in the workspace, and the player models.

I’ve tried setting the player’s parent on the CharacterAdded event, but it seems to not want to add them to the folder. If I add a wait(1), it works 100% of the time. But I would like to avoid wait() workarounds.

Putting players into a folder also seems to yield weird results, because if you listen for ChildAdded to the folder that the player models go into, and maybe add clothes or accessories or remove them, it is inconsistent, I think because of the player model not being fully loaded.

Has anyone else attempted this or done this? If so, any insight would be helpful.

	local function characteradded()
		print("Character spawned")
		local char = game.Workspace:FindFirstChild(plr.Name) repeat wait() until char
		char.Parent = game.Workspace.CharacterModels

Here’s my attempted code ^

And yes, the characteradded() event works on first spawn or all the time or whatever.

function characteradded(Character)
    Character.Archivable = true
    Character:Clone().Parent = workspace.CharacterModels
    Character.Archivable = false

Because of the current order of character loading events, wait workarounds like this are required. You won’t be able to have a completely clean solution until Roblox fixes the loading events order, however that update has been delayed for a year (coming on two) to focus on other items of greater priority.

See here: