Player Movement is Still Active When Controls Disabled

Explanation: When the player enters the runway, their mobile controls are disabled using DevTouchMovementMode and I make them move using the MoveTo Humanoid method. For some reason, when the controls are disabled, they still affect the MoveTo speed.

Problem: The thumbstick moves the character based on how far it’s moved. For example, if the players walkspeed is 16 and the thumbstick is moved halfway, the character will move at 8 walkspeed. This is fine, but the problem arises when you disable the thumbstick, the walkspeed is still at 8 when it should be back at 16. This makes the player walk really slowly as you can see at the 0:15 mark in the video provided. They should normally be able to walk the entire length of the runway.

Video: Control Bug Thumbstick, Dynamic Thumbstick 2023 03 18 21 38 41 - YouTube

ScreenHunter 2348
ScreenHunter 2349

Repro steps: Use the mobile emulator, play the game. You will have a few seconds to move your thumbstick and then it will go into the runway mode. You will see that the movement speed you had with the thumbstick stays when using MoveTo on the runway.

thumbstick bug repro.rbxl (362.8 KB)

Expected behavior

I think it’s expected for the character’s speed to stop being affected by the thumbstick once it’s disabled.


Thanks for the report. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll keep you updated on progress!