Player moves while staying still when using Rope/BallSocketConstraint

See video below.

I made this fire hose system, and when I stand still it starts to move the player. The parts are massless. I’m trying to steer away from anchoring HumanoidRootPart. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!


As a workaround you could have the hose attach to an invisible part instead of directly to the nozzle, then constantly update the position of that invisible part to match the nozzle’s? That was it’s still attached without being physically connected.

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Possibly, however, I feel like constantly looping a part’s position to match another part may not be the best option since I could have many different loops running, should more hose instances be in place.

Eh, if you’re worried about performance the constraints in your hose will cause lag wellll before a simple Heartbeat event

I tried your method, but the server/client sides are different looks. I’ve tried Network Ownership as well.

do you still have the same issue?

It’s been a while since I’ve last tried, but I assume I would if I were to do this again.

Are u open for commissions if yes please give me your discord id