Player not responding in studio

Hi Devs, so it seems like I encountered this bug while play testing my game in studio, I can’t do anything I can’t move, jump or enter the menu, I don’t get any errors or warnings, I don’t have any scripts affecting the player or client in some way, and it also seems like it’s a problem in my other games.

it doesn’t happen in the roblox game, only in studio.

it happened on 2024, March 17, 5:23 PM

do you click the game window? so it actually focuses?

Question: are you using a StarterCharacter? Check all of your character’s body parts in workspace. Are any of them anchored? If so, there’s your problem.

Yes I have the window focused but it still happens

check if it happens on a blank baseplate

I don’t have any custom Character models in the StarterCharacterScripts

A plugin may be responsible if it’s an studio-only issue, a quick test you can do for that is testing on an empty place. Another possibility is high lag on the server, that would lag studio but not an actual play test(since in the actual play test the server is Roblox not your own PC). You can test that by making an actual non-studio test and checking your ping through dev console(if it’s higher than normal it’s an indicator of server-sided lag).

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it doesn’t happen on a baseplate or any roblox starter place, but in my games only

sounds like a game issue then, if you disable starter scripts does it make any difference?

i checked my performance the ping is 39, and it seems like plugins aren’t causing the issue

nope, starterscripts aren’t causing the issue

do the scripts atleast run normally? add a script printing anything in starterplayerscripts and see if it does anything

the scripts run normally, its just the player can’t do anything

can you open the roblox menu ingame if you click this?

okay it seems like the issue has been figured it out, I couldn’t move in firstperson, but in thirdperson i can

thats a weird issue, have seen worse though

at least i finally know whats the problem now

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