Player not spawning in their team's spawn location

I’m making an scp based game, and i want the player to spawn in their team’s spawn location, which doesn’t work.

Basically, when I select a team to join, even with admin commands, and then respawn, I don’t spawn in the team’s spawn location, I have to reset my character through the roblox menu multiple times for it to work.

I tried removing the teams and then re-adding them back, I also tried removing the spawn locations and adding them back, and none of that worked. This happens on other teams aswell.

this is what happens vvv

team’s properties vvvv

spawn properties vvvv

any ideas on how to fix this or what could be causing this issue?


Where are they spawning instead of the team spawn?
Is it the default spawn?
If so, then somehow you are not setting the default spawn to have a spawn team of none or something like that.

Sorry, I havent worked with teams in a while, but I remember I had the same issue and I had to do something with the default spawn, so that it wouldnt let teams spawn on it.

instead of spawning on the team i select, they spawn on the auto assignable team that you’re on when you first join the game. don’t know how else to explain it.

Sounds weird but, as well as setting the Team, set the TeamColor of the player to the specific team. Nvm this doesnt work.

might aswell say that everything’s most likely set up correctly, i checked multiple times.

What happens if you wait 20 seconds and then reset once?
I want to find out if this could be caused by a script waiting for something or if it is actually based on the times the player dies.

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try deleting the original spawn locally after the team is set

same thing happens, if im lucky then it will make me spawn where i’m supposed to spawn, if not, then ill keep respawning in the same place

might’ve found the issue, apparently the auto assignable team wasn’t supposed to be set as neutral? never had this issue before.

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Also if it’s script side I’d suggest viewing here:

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