Player Only Seat

Hi there devforum. Hope you are all well.

I am trying to find out a way to make a seat only accessible by certain player(s). I know I could use a Seated event, but that still puts them in the seat for a split second.

Is there any way to make players not be able to sit in a seat at all unless they have a certain User Id (for example)?

What is your use case? I believe you can disable seats and then create your own touched / interact function to only allow certain players in.

A car that only the owner can sit in the driver seat.

Disable the seat and then create your own interact event.

That could be done by using seat:Sit(humanoid) right?

Yes, I would recommend using the new ProximityInput instances over a touched event as it is more user friendly.


Thank you, I will consider this.

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Hey there i have an example for you
that i’ve made a long time ago

sitTest.rbxm (3.5 KB)