Player Peak Time?

What time are most players playing ROBLOX?

I’ve had a lot of instances when I wanted or needed to know when the high-time for players is. High-time meaning what time is peak for how many players are playing ROBLOX through out the entire ROBLOX community. I’m not sure if this question is answered already or even can be. Does anybody know when there are most players on ROBLOX? Is there a day too? For example, days when most players get on compared to other days. I thought this was an interesting question, and it could be cool to figure out what the answer is.

Thanks! :smile:

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I’d say around 4pm ET, because that’s when a lot of Americans get back from school and it’s still a reasonable time for Europe. But now everyone’s at home due to the whole pandemic, I’m not too sure.


This website tracks a bunch of things on roblox like every game, gamepass, sponsor, etc. You can use it to answer your question.