Player position causes physics update to client parts

Hello there! I’m currently having an issue with localization replication, where local parts with constraints are still getting updated with other clients in the server. So when moving across platforms with constraints that are on the local client, they get updated when the collisions of other clients get updated with your local client. Here an example off what I mean:

So the platforms are being held by rope constraints, and they are both loaded locally onto the players client. As you can see, when a player jumps on their client, their position and collisions get updated on the other players client, causing a physics update to happen. I tried making the platforms not update with other players clients when I had an issue with players all crossing the platform at once globally, so I loaded the obby instead on the client. Then I encountered this issue in the video, where just the position of the clients can actually cause a physics update, moving the platform as well. Is there any way I could go around this to make other clients not interact with the local players parts at all?

Could you not just set a collision group excluding all remote players and only allowing contact from the local player?