Player ragdoll problem

Why does the player’s ragdoll become more difficult at the moment of dying (like Lego), but when the player’s dead body remains, it is free? (I mean ragdoll becomes realistic and not like lego)

u can see this here:
Desktop 2024.05.31 - (
or play:

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What do you mean by “becomes more difficult”?

Do you mean that the character becomes stiff at death but later becomes loose like an actual ragdoll?

Its most likely because of the fact that you died when standing still, since its r6 the idle animation is standing perfectly straight. It looks like its stiff but you can see in the gif that the character still bends its limbs when falling.

Test the ragdoll while moving around and you’ll see that it works as normal.


it becomes more difficult to move the limbs of the body

you are right, but something still prevents him from moving his limbs normally

Could be the way you create the ragdoll, can you explain what its doing when you enable the ragdoll?