Player ragdoll rope weird movement bug

Hey everyone, I have a game called “rope people simulator” (just came out yesterday) and I currently have an issue that if it’s possible to fix. Essentially the person who roped the victim gains the network ownership of the victim, however the victim and the rest of the server are kind of seeing the body glitching in some way.

This is how the person who roped sees this as normal:

But on the other side, this is what the victim and the rest of the player see this:

If anyone knows how to fix this weird problem, please let me know! It would be appreciated. Thank you! Also, any other solutions or discussions about this issue are welcome.

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It seems like you are setting the cframe to be relative to the player pulling it on the client side. The roblox physics engine does the rest for you you dont need to do like PlayerA.CFrame = PlayerB.CFrame + offset

Thanks, but that’s not how I do. I let the Roblox physics engine handle it, but it’s causing this weird bug. Any ideas or solutions are appreciated!

were you able find any solutions to this problem?