Player Render Distance

What do you want to achieve?
Was wondering if it is possible to decrease the render distance which users are able to see without them having to lower their graphics quality?
What is the issue?
My game is an obby type project and contains over 200k parts in total, this can be intensive on some mobile users and the lag situation could EASILY be fixed if their actual render distance can be automatically set by myself in studio.
What solutions have you tried so far?
Streaming enabled breaks the functionality of my game so that is not an option.


What You Can Do Is add a skybox that would follow the localplayer’s position


Something useful can be a LocalScript that makes the stages between +10 and -10 go transparent or get destroyed so if you are on stage 28 you can see only stages 18-38. If you choose the destroy part I suggest you having all the stages in ReplicatedStorage so it doesn’t need to destroy 1000 stages which can cause so much lag, but it will create (duplicate from ReplicatedStorage) 20, this can also prevent exploiters from cheating the whole obby as quick.



Do you mean you’re looking for something to see how many parts/studs people are removed of your location?

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I did consider doing that, unfortunatly the stages are not like grouped models, they are just seperate builds that cant be grouped since kill bricks and other things wont work then, i was thinking maybe when a user is at a stage, only like a distance of 1000 studs in all directions renders in.

Okay, but I meant like a thing that shows what people there humanoid position is, but shows it in studs.

My idea is that you attach a sphere to your torso and size it to 2000^3 to have 1000 studs in each direction, then make this part un-collideable and add a script that will make the parts it touches non-transparent and the one it stops touching: transparent as storages won’t work because the parts have to exist. Most of the performance issues are because of the rendering overload so transparency set to 1 does a great reduce of this.

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go to 2:57 for your solution to lower graphics

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But that doesn’t make you see there part then.

If you’re looking for lowering the client’s memory usage, consider Game Content Streaming.
Simply toggle StreamingEnabled in Workspace, and that should do the trick.

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