Player Robux check

Hi, is there any way to check how much Robux a user has spent (Or how much he have)?


You can’t check how much robux a user has. But you can make a system to save how much robux a user spent on your game by creating a datastore and increasing the values with how much the gamepass/developer products they bought costs.


And with some swagger API?
Or MarketplaceService or InventoryService?

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Just MarketplaceService. Let’s say, when the player buys a developer product costing 50 robux, you can increase their specified robux spent datastore by 50.

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I don’t think this is possible.

I imagine it’s for security reasons but roblox doesn’t allow anyone to see a user’s robux balance other than the user when they are logged in to the website.

Robux balance of users is something private and personal, like your real name, age, adress ect…
I don’t know why you would like to access it, but it is certainly for a malicious reason, because there is no good reasons to access it.

About the amount of Robux spent into a game, like other people said, you can do it using a datastore, exactly same as how you’re saving currency.

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If there is a api for that, then you’d need the users authentification, which you should really not ask on a roblox game (I think it has to do with the user agent when sending a http request but I am not sure)

Thats wrong. Its very nice for a TrustSystem cuz ist less likely that you are a bot if you have Robux in any form on you acc. Also its less likely that you hack or cheat if you have much RX cuz you could lose them all.

if their inventory is public you could prob just do the math

A lot of players are very young and have no money at all, and their parents do not want to buy them somethings in Roblox, so… it is probably not a good idea.

That’s not what they’re talking about (I assume). They mean that they’re tryna find out how much robux is in a player’s account balance.

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If you’re going to limit features in your game or kick people for not having Robux, you might as well just make the game paid access and fairly cheap at that point.

I’d advise against overbearing trust systems. Look into in-game moderation or a more lenient system like a very small account age limit.

“check how much a user is spent”

“Or how much he have”

(quote .)

yeah “or” i was talking about the first one obviously

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Well yeah I was just talking about the other one and didn’t see that first part. My bad

No, and because of privacy reasons I don’t think they will ever make an API that allows developers to check how much Robux a player has. A developer should never need to see how much Robux a player has anyway. Even for security purposes, there are far better ways to ensure user security.

No, my TrustSystem is for Admins. There very many components. And Robux would be one(only + not -). Together there will be one very Trustful number how Trustful a User is.