Player search on Join Requests tab "loads" forever on new Group Admin page

This is affecting the new Group Admin page.

Describe the bug

  • When attempting to search for a player that is pending in your group Requests, it starts it infinitely loop trying to find the player I search for.
  • Normally when using the search feature in requests you would be able to find the player you’re looking for quite fast.
  • There are no errors in the console, and nothing looks wrong under the Network tab in devtools.

Bug occurrence

  • Occurs only in groups that have manual acceptance.
  • Happens every time when trying to search for a player in Requests (Still occurs even if you 100% know they are pending in the group).

Notice how Grave_Zone is shown to be pending in my group when I switch to the requests tab.

However when I search for the players username in the search option, it starts to infinitely load like this.


Thanks for the report. This should be fixed!

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