Player sometimes takes a really long time to respawn when reset

Player sometimes is frozen and don’t respawn when reset.

Maybe this has to do with a script but there’s no script that’s making this happen. I didn’t make some with a task.wait, so the unpredictability of this is concerning me.

I’ve tried forcing player:LoadCharacter() once the character dies, but that doesn’t work either.

Any possible solution?

This Could be:

  • An error with your Character when dying

  • RespawnTime set to Something else

  • Server Delay
    (Can be due to Script Usage, or Connection)

  • A Script interfering with your Character
    (Ex: Ragdoll Script, BreakJointsOnDeath)

Other than this, I’m not entirely sure since I don’t know what’s in the game

Try disabling all scripts, and then incrementally enable one at a time until you find the culprit. It’s lengthy but surefire. Unless you didn’t have any scripts, that’s plain impossible.

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Yeah, I tested it out, and i Realized the Ragdoll system was the issue. Do you know how to fix ragdolls interfering with this?

I looked at the ragdoll script,

character.BreakJointsOnDeath = true
character.RequiresNeck = true

I made these true and it made this work. Thank you guys.

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