Player spawns as a R15 even tho i forced it to be R6


I don’t know if this is the correct category but…

i have the avatar settings like this:

But most of the times, my player spawns as a R15.
When i reset it gets back to R6, but that ruins all the code in the game.

Any solution?

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Try switching “animation” to Standard instead of Player Choice and see if players still spawn as R15

This is a glitch that will rarely occur. I recommend posting something about this in Bug Reports.

There already many posts about this in bug reports, but i think roblox team doesn’t cares because at the end they want to delete R6 and use R15 and Rthro

Maybe. You will just have to play test again until you get R6 since this bug still isn’t fixed

Add a humanoid to StarterPlayer and try changing the RigType to R6

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