Player Status and Inventory UI Designs


So, recently I made some UI designs for a survival game. I feel like they’re not really the best that they can be, though I’m not really a U.I Designer myself. Anyways, I’m currently looking for feedback and criticism on things that can be tweaked or entirely changed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Concept Designs:

RiseOfTheIsolated Player Status (Screenshot)

RiseOfTheIsolated Inventory (Screenshot)


Dang thats really good, keep making UI so you can make even better stuff!

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You’ve got a good feel for gradient and color. One thing you should consider is changing the labels for the statistics (name/health/hunger/etc). Right now, it looks a little bit awkward as they almost look like buttons. An alternative might be to get rid of the border/background and instead have the font itself be colored, or to include the number associated with the stat in the colored frame. In my opinion, drawing a hard line between what’s a button and what’s a text label is one of the most important parts of UI design. You have that sort of issue again with the inventory UI, as the “Inventory” label and the “Close” button look exactly the same, though I’m assuming “Inventory” is not a button as well. Might also want to align those two, as well.

Another nitpicky thing would be consistency. The “Coordinates” label doesn’t have a colon like the other ones do.

Also, take a second look at the “Thirst” label lol

I don’t mean to rip apart your design. I’ll at least assure you that you’re on the right track and you shouldn’t have to change it entirely. I wish you luck on your UI design journey

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