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I am an owner of a roblox roleplay game and a developer.
I need help with an issue.

I have made a spawn point which is not blendered, it is a roblox model made with parts from scratch. I have placed a spawnpoint on it and I am testing the game in studio and roblox both but there is a issue.

I can not spawn in the game as my character does not load and my health get’s removed every time I respawn. Attached is a video:
Attached Video (3.6 MB) (Safe) (Format of video is VMW)
I have attached 2 photos of the spawnpoint that I made with studio and not blender:

In the below picture, The white part is the spawnpoint and it is not colliding with the spawnpoint base so you know: (Yes the below one)

Please help me.


Can you set another Spawnpoint somewhere near the old one?

Other options can be:
Transparent = 1, CanCollide = false, CanTouch = false, CanQuery = false
Size is too small, Orientation = 180 (is backwards) or some script is killing you.


I will check for killing scripts.

It did not work. I am making the spawn area with blender and then testing.

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Can you tell me what your Workspace.FallenPartsDestroyHeight Number is?

It should be at -500 when creating a experience.

@1stArtistGamer Thankyou for your help.
I rechecked the game for issues and realised that the map was located in the void and the void was the reason for killing everyone and not loading players.

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