Player Y rotation

I am currently making a weapon sytem and I want the player to look towards the mouse on the y axis.

I want them to still be able to move as normal so I think doing this using hrp joint’s C0 will work the best

Since Im not that good with theese types of stuff if possible can someone give me a forumla that will set the hrp motor6D’s C0 that will make the player look towards the mouse on the y axis

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I made a module for this, it should be able to rotate the C0 to the desired look at position while constraining it so it only moves up and down along the y axis. Hope it helps.

Thanks I will try that! But for now I cant currently so I will do it later. Thanks for helping me

Ok, i have problem that setting up theese attachments and stuff will be very hard from a script since im doing this on players so if there is a better solution it would be better but for now I will try doing something with this

I think I found a solution after a to of searching.

There is already a thread about this so here it is:

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