PlayerAdded event problem

I have a shop GUI where if you buy an upgrade, it will show the updated price at the Textlable, but the problem is that when the player dies, the Textlable will reset back to 0, the same number that the player started with it, so I’m trying to find a way to prevent the GUI from resetting the updated elements when the player dies. I made a working function that updates the elements in the local script, and I put the function in a character-added event so that when the player character respawns, it will update the UI elements, but the whole character-added event won’t be active.


Two things you could do:

  • Datastore
  • Updating his value to server

No need to do this I told you the


works, but the Player.CharacterAdded is not working, so Is there a way to check when players respawn or just make sure the GUI doesn’t reset at spawn?


I already have this one enabled but it does not affect I meant a code that can use a humanoid-like thing humanoid respawned or something

Disable it… I just wanted to show that the property exists… Sorry for the inconvieniece.

Or you could just uncheck ResetOnSpawn in the GUI.

I used remote event and it works thanks for help yall

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