player.CharacterAppearanceId always returns zero

When called from a server script, player.CharacterAppearanceId always returns zero. This is regardless of whether the place uses FilteringEnabled or not.

player.CharacterAppearanceId is suppose to return the UserId of the account whose character appearance is being used according to the Wiki. So this looks like an obvious bug.

Can anyone report to me when this is fixed?


Currently working on fixing this, it should be fixed in ~2 weeks.

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Great, thank you. And would you happen to know what CharacterAppearanceId is returned for guests? Would it be the same as their UserId, which is a negative number for guests?

It will be the UserId of one of the following accounts:

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So is it correct to say:

  1. For guests the CharacterAppearanceId is not unique, since it could one of the three UserId’s that you listed.

  2. For normal players, the CharacterAppearanceId is unique since it defaults to the the player’s UserId, which is always unique.

Yes, that will be the case when CharacterAppearanceId starts being set (right now it is left as 0).

CharacterAppearanceId is fixed now, it will default to the UserId of the player but it will be different for guests.