Player:CharacterAppearanceLoaded never fires if the user is wearing a [ Content Deleted ] shirt

If a player joins the game with a Content Deleted Shirt and Content Deleted Pants, the CharacterAppearanceLoaded event of the Player will never fire, even with no other scripts in the game.

This bug happens 100% of the time when the user is wearing both a content deleted shirt. If you are only wearing one, the bug will not occur.

How to reproduce:

Create a new game and place a Script into ServerScriptService. The Script should have the following code:

        print('CHARACTER LOADED!')

If you join the game now, this will print just fine as expected.

Now equip your content deleted shirt (and pants if you want)

Join the game now. Nothing will be printed in the output because the event was never fired.

This big does not occur with content deleted pants.

This bug occurs in-studio and in-game.

Side note
It also seems this bug can sometimes break some code you run with the CharacterAdded event when trying to remove shirts that they are wearing. No other code will run inside the character added if you attempt to delete the content deleted shirts, even if you wrap it in a pcall.


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