player.Chatted not working

I’m in the process of making a custom chat system and whenever the user says something, it doesn’t log the chat nor does the event .Chatted work.

These are the two functions I tested

				Speaker:SayMessage(message, GlobalChat['Name'])
				Chat:Chat(player.Character, message, Enum.ChatColor.White)

None of them work. Is there a way to make a player chat and make the .Chatted event work?

This Chatted event will fire once the player chats:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

	Player.Chatted:Connect(function(Message, Recipient)
		-- Further code goes here

Yeah, I’m aware of that part but I’m creating a different chat system that has a different means of making the player chat.

And the .Chatted event does not detect Speaker:SayMessage() or Chat:Chat(), so what function would let the .Chatted event detect player chats?