Player:GetNetworkPing lacks documentation

Issue Description
I’ve tested this method and still haven’t quite figured out exactly what it does, so I’d appreciate if some things could be documented for this:

  • How often does it update?
  • Is it round-trip or one-way?
  • Is this an accurate representation of the player’s current ping or an average over time? If so, over how much time?

Issue Area: DevHub Content
Page URL: Player | Roblox Creator Documentation


It doesn’t need documentation. It does exactly what the name of function is called.

Ping is always a round trip. And it’s the the minimum ping time. According to these notes

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cc @steven4547466 @batteryday

That literally doesn’t matter, all functions should be documented in the Developer Hub… don’t know what your point is. :man_shrugging:

This is a bug report pointing out missing documentation, simply put.


From my tests, the method returns the player’s ping in seconds and is far off from every other ping indicator in the game right now (Roblox or custom).

I particularly asked if it was one-way or round-trip because it seems to be nearly half of the ping reported by Performance Stats.

The implementation of this has undergone many changes over time, so I’m just curious if anything has changed since that was added to the release notes.


That is interesting, perhaps roblox somehow implemented ping wrong. But by definition, ping is a round trip, so if this was single trip calling it GetNetworkPing seems a little misleading. Regardless I’m not sure if the method is even completely implemented yet. Once it goes live more info will probably be available.

The FFlag for adding it changed, so the release note never updated. I believe they re-implemented it, and placed it on another flag. The official release was never announced, and it was broken for some time because nobody was made aware it went public.

I kept testing and it always returned zero for like a month, and it turns out the FFlag changed and it was actually broken the entire time :man_facepalming:


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.