Player:Kick() documentation is considerably outdated

The Player:Kick() documentation in the dev hub seems a little outdated. There are some issues that I will be addressing here

  1. Typo & incorrect default message

In the screenshot I’ve provided below, you can see that in the first red box it says ##Example which I believe is a typo, I think the person making this meant to make it a subtitle

Also, the default message and red bar are outdated; this message is no longer the case, a modern kick screen would instead say “Unspecified reason” if no reason is provided


  1. Outdated console screenshot

Not necessarily a major issue but I just want to put it out there that the photo provided in the documentation shows the old console; this is not the case anymore, as the dev console was changed


Hey, thanks for the report. Just flagged it to the team and they’ll get to it when they can.


Unsure exactly when this was updated, but nevertheless, thanks for the fix! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Bumping because none of these have been fixed yet

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It’s hilarious how even the new documentation (Roblox Creator Documentation) still has these very outdated pictures. Lol.

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Can confirm; this is an issue on the new Creator Documentation as well. Exact same typo and everything


Hey everyone, just a quick heads up, we updated the documentation here. Closing out the thread!