Player.MenuOpen would return true if the player’s esc menu was open. This would be useful for a series of reasons. First, in my FPS, I make the mouse invisible, and it can’t be seen even on the roblox menu. If I could tell when it was open, I could turn it visible until it’s closed. Second, I’m working on a singleplayer game that includes a pause feature. It’d be cool if I could tell it to pause when the menu opened/closed.

And also the ability to disable it pls. (not using hacky methods)

However this could be useful for that pause thing you said for your singleplayer.

I dont think disabling it is a good idea…

Seems too griefable.

Is there an actual hacky method that works o.o PM me please @EchoReaper if there is.

[quote=“GollyGreg”]I dont think disabling it is a good idea…

Seems too griefable. [/quote]
That’s the same thing people said about disabling the leaderboard and chat (Ohhhhhhh, people will fake users and chat ingame and/or pretend to be admins1!!!1!1!!!), and look how that turned out. I haven’t seen them abused one time. The only things the escape menu is useful for is resetting (any professional game can handle this on its own), changing settings(F10 and Shift + F10), recording (F12), and reporting (add shortcut and we no longer need the menu.) Imagine going into Planetside 2, pressing Esc, and having that dinky menu pop up instead of Planetside’s menu – yeah, we kind of need to be able to make our own pause/configuration menus. At least, if the menu is going to be forced, change the hotkey to something OTHER thank Esc – possibly F1 or something, and allow us to hide it from the screen, because the menu LOOKS RIDICULOUS WHEN COMBINED WITH CUSTOM UI. (same thing with mouse lock button – NO ONE EVER USES THE BUTTON. WE ALL USE SHIFT. NUKE THAT STUPID BUTTON.

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[quote] I dont think disabling it is a good idea…

Seems too griefable. [/quote]
I agree, it also helps me to leave the game if the game is using first person as I can’t get my mouse to that little X in the corner which with it turned off would be insanely annoying even more so that wireless mac keyboard does another thing :angry:

I agree that the Esc menu must stay – at least until ROBLOX gets its act together and starts getting rid of the bait-and-switch games, but at least allow us to disable the UI button (As both you and anon80475429 have said, you just use Esc to open it anyway), because it sticks out like a sore thumb with custom UI.

As for my outlook on the iOS delays, you don’t have an FPS (which mobile users shouldn’t be playing anyway), that is banking on CSG to be fun (50 player servers with detailed guns), so I don’t expect you to understand.

How did this request change from an event request to a request for hiding the menu button? Anyways, an event like this would be useful in many ways and I don’t see any harm in it.