PlayerModel Appearance from PlayerId

I’m trying to create a PlayerModel that appears as a PlayerId of a Random Player in the server…

The issue is making the PlayerModel, and scripting it to appear/dress as the Player of the supplied Id.

The Dummy on the left needs to look like the Copied PlayerModel, that I got while the game was running, on the right.


You can use GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId() to get the characters look, and ApplyDescription() to load the look.

Here is some example code:

local desc = game.Players:GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId(PlayerUserId)


Hope this helps!


Yep, that worked. Thank you so much. Marked your answer as a solution! Do you know how I could make it so the Dummy is the Local Player seeing the Dummy…
As in the Dummy is a close of the LocalPlayer.

I’m not sure I’m following. Do you mean that the Dummie would be visible only to the one player?

The Dummy is visible for every one. But for example, the dummy would look like my character for me
and it’d look like another persons character for that other person.

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Unfortunately I believe ApplyDescription() is only available on the server for some weird reason. You might however be able to request the server to make it using some kind of remote function, and then put that Dummy in the workspace via a localscript. Haven’t tested this but I would assume it would work.

So there’d be a Dummy per player in a game?

Yes. You would have the server create the dummies whenever a player joins, then send the model to the client to use.

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Oh alright, thanks for the info!