Players appear outside of their marble upon joining

I’m making a marble game on Roblox and everything is going fine except one thing… If you join the server and there is already a player in their marble they will appear outside of the marble.
This is what the script looks like…

It gets the folder of marbles from ReplicatedStorage and picks one of them randomly to give the player. Then it removed the players back accessories(I did this because most back accessories clip out of the marble and it looks bad). Then the script does some basic referencing. Once all that is done the players character gets teleported to the position on the map and the marble chosen is teleported there too.

Then there is a weld made to hold the players HumanoidRootPart and the marble together. After this
platformstand is turned true so that the player cant control the marble. It seems to work but the player appear outside of the marble if you join in and they are already in it.

So to the player it may look normal
But to other people it shows them outside the marble.

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Try moving the ball into the player then welding using a weld constraint.

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When you say move the ball into the player do you mean move the balls position to the character or move the ball into the character by making the character the balls parent? I tried using weldsconstraint and its the same issue still. Player outside the ball.


try using a WeldConstraint instead of a normal Weld.


Ok well I think I just fixed it.
The players primarypart(head) moves to the marble position then up 2 studs before the hrp moves