Players are randomly experiencing Extreme client sided lag for no apparent reason

Repost because the last my last topic got shut down for using the wrong category

For some reason. Randomly, players will start experiencing major lag on their clients.

With the help of some of the people who were affected by this glitch. I found out that it manages to persist across servers. So it must be connected to the DATA right? Well… When I wipe the players’ data it doesn’t fix anything. So some users created alternative accounts and they STILL experience this issue. I have no idea why they only experience this in my game. I have checked my game for data leaks and although I found a few.

  1. Patching them did not fix the issue

  2. They were nowhere close to being severe enough for these players to experience this type of effect

Im lost and this bug has been killing my game for the past few months

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Do you have anything which is creating lots of parts and not removing them? Lag can happen with lots of parts being created.



You put this post in the exact same category as last time…

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It could possibly be related to this Every time your character dies it leaks memory (up to 500 MB, probably infinite), a post which was recently made.

it is different but in the shut-down forum, I changed it to the wrong category to the one I was told to change it, and then it got closed I tried to change it back in an attempt to get it back up but just gave up.

I make sure I add any Instances created to game.Debris

This was mentioned this last time but I doubt it could possibly be this as it only affects some users.

also, no players are required to die in order for this to occur. it occurs to specific individuals the second they join. also since last time, some users are experiencing different issues but they all share the fact it seems to be unavoidable. rejoining. making new servers. resetting their data literally nothing works for them

Send a private message to @Bug-Support about this

The memory leak doesn’t have to occur when a player’s character dies, it also occurs when a new player joins the game, as noted in the post.